When at Ethereum DevCon4 in Prague the most exciting event was RAVECON

We are a project and collective dedicated to expanding the consciousness of crypto. Our community wields the potential to transform the cogs and gears of society, but is burdened by the weight of its own technical brilliance and capital allocation. Without an exploration of the creative fringes, interdisciplinary emergence, cohesive and inclusive culture, and an introduction of minds and wills from seemingly remote fields, we will not reach the positive change we desire for humanity.

This was a crypto rave in a secret location on halloween night. Now there is a DAO to govern and plan future events.

As a FOAM use case I was thinking that in order to get a ticket to the party you would need to go to a secret, or a number of secret locations and purchase presence claims there to be able to unlock the location of the party. When at the party you can prove you were there and get a unique NFT.

This kinds of reminds me of the plot to Ready Player One where he has to find all the keys.