FOAM Community Call - Local Communities for Decentralised Networks (Thurs 21 Mar)


Please join us for our next Community Call on Thursday March 21st at 12.00pm EST (NY).

In this community call we’re inviting to the stage a friend of FOAM, Jehan Tremback of Althea, to talk about what it means to spearhead decentralized networks within local communities across the world.

Althea works at providing the incentives and ability for anybody to act as a decentralized ISP or consumer. It’s been deployed in places like rural Oregon and Medellin, Colombia where access to internet typically faces constraints.

Join our call to learn how in both FOAM and Althea, the right incentives and community engagement can spur the adoption of decentralized infrastructure in even the most unexpected places.

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Hey everyone, just wanted to give you a little more of a preview of our call, which is only two days away.

As described above, the call will be about Althea, which is a similar project to FOAM in one key respect – we both are figuring out the logistics and incentives of getting on-the-ground communities to adopt decentralized infrastructure.

I liken this problem to a similar one faced by blockchain games. We all know that blockchain games have some unique attributes that are simply not possible with conventional games (provably unique ownership). But these benefits can be confusing for consumers, and can paradoxically create a barrier to adoption that makes the overall gaming experience worse than it would have been otherwise.

For decentralized infrastructure and IoT networks, a similar problem arrises. We want to take advantage of the full range of capabilities that crypto networks enable, and we want to spread these benefits as far wide and with as many people as possible. Sometimes this means your end adopter is a blockchain-literate tech worker in san francisco, who knows how parse through the often dense on-boarding process. But this persona is not representative of the greater target group of Althea or FOAM. For Althea - their target demo is anyone who needs faster, more reliable internet connection, someone who doesn’t want to rely upon centralized ISPs. This could be someone in SF just as much as it could be someone in Medellin Colombia. Nowhere in this description is there a prerequisite for knowing what MetaMask is, the same way that everyday internet access purchasers shouldn’t need to know what a MAC address is.

This challenge – of espousing the full benefits of cryptonetworks to the widest group of people possible, is something we’re really interested in talking to Althea founder Jehan Tremback about.

Make sure that if you have any questions yourself that you ask them using the link above.

We look forward to talking with you all in a couple of days!


Starting in 1 hour!