FOAM Community Call : Signaling (Dec 14th)


We will be hosting a second community call this Friday, December 14th at 12:00 PM EST (New York time), to answer any questions about Signaling.

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We will be discussing the functionality and the reasoning behind Signaling, updates to the FOAM Map and any related questions.

We will start off the call briefly discussing the usage of the FOAM Map to date. We’ll have some interesting analytics to share and more details about the end of Proof of Use.

From here we’ll dive in Signaling. We’ll give a snapshot into all the activity that’s taken place since launch, and a brief walkthrough of how Signaling works. Finally, we’ll show how Signaling fits into the larger roadmap of dynamic Proof of Location.

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Feel free to use this thread as a comment board as well during the call!


Bump - Happening in one hour!

Here’s is the livestream link:

See you soon :grinning: