FOAM Community Workshop Calls


For those that are unaware, FOAM has two types of community calls-

  1. FOAM Community Calls where updates on the project are provided and discussions driven by the FOAM team.
  2. FOAM Community Workshop Calls, which anyone is welcome to join and discuss topics of community interest (often from Discourse threads) such as improvement proposals to the map.

If you’d like to become more involved in what’s going on with that map and have a forum to share ideas and opinions, join us in our next Community Workshop Call. Multiple community member-suggested improvement proposals have already been implemented to FOAM. These calls are announced on Discourse, Twitter, and the email mailing list.

Here are links to the agendas and notes from all of the Community Workshop Calls that we’ve had so far:

  1. UI Improvement Proposals (4/25)
  2. TCR Parameter Improvement Proposals (5/9)
  3. Smart Contract Improvement Proposals (6/13)

The next calls will include the following topics:

  • Reviewing remaining smart contract upgrades for a future TCR 2.0
  • FOAM Improvement Proposal (FIP) Specfication and Process
  • Working on and passing through FIP #0000 (on the formal specification and process)
  • Working on and passing through other FIPs, for improvement proposals w/ strong community support
  • Anything else suggested by anyone!

Keep an eye out for the next one :smile:

FOAM Map Release: Uniswap, Front-end and back-end updates