FOAM daily digest - daily email with map updates


I have been running a daily report on the FOAM Map. It has been useful to find challenges to vote on and get a feel for the map activity. Do you want the same information?

Subscribe to the FOAM daily digest. You will start receiving emails with the previous day’s activity on the map:

  • Challenges that you can vote on.
  • New points that were recently added.
  • The number of points that were recently removed.

Here is an archive issue.

Alerts for challenges
FOAM Daily Digest and Individual Points Alerts

New editions of the daily email will now include the vote reveal process. Check out this preview :point_down:


Great work @foam_cs, you’re providing a huge service to the community!


This is a great service! Thanks for providing it to the community.

Is there any plans to support subscribing to notifications for a specific point?


Thanks. You can subscribe to alerts for individual points using this Google form. This report also runs daily, at the same time as the summary email.

FOAM Daily Digest and Individual Points Alerts

Wow amazing thanks! Will be super useful once more token holders come in and there may be an uptick in challenges


Go Caleb



Great tool! I only wish it included postal address (at least up to city/country), so I could easier focus on things happening in my areas of interest.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve been able to implement it in a test version today, so you should start seeing the addresses for new points starting tomorrow. Here’s a preview :point_down:

Separately, would you be interested in a version that is filtered to your local map activity only, or is seeing all map activity important to you?


Fantastic! One can also immediately see dubious addresses.

I guess I’m interested in all activity, but I watch some areas much more closely and the rest as time permits.