FOAM Developer Release Notes


Yesterday the Foamspace Team released version 1.0 with a stable API. As we work to finalize the user experience of the new Developer Portal and open up a repository to host the release notes they will be shared here in the interim:

UI Features

  • Browser cached salt: Now when you vote, your browser will attempt to write the salt used in your committed vote to its local storage. Under unrestricted browser permission settings, this means that your browser will attempt to automatically populate the salt field when you go to reveal your vote. It is advised that you still should store your commit salt if you are unsure of your browser settings, or you regularly clear the browser cache.

  • Reward Pool: The challenge card now contains more numerical data about the reward pool, which is the total number of tokens at stake available to the winners of a challenge.

Stable API

  • We now have stabilized the API to a 1.0 version, meaning the current routes and models will only change in a backwards-compatible way from now on. This may change when we do our next major release, but this will not be for a long time.
  • The interactive version
  • We are now providing JS libraries to use to query our api from vanilla JavaScript, available both as an AngularJS library and Axios library.

Unseen Changes

One of the biggest unseen changes — changes not visible to the user — is that the FOAM map has been upgraded to use the newest version of the PureScript Language version 0.12. This is a big update for us as it makes the application more efficient and more secure in its behavior.