Foam Faucet and onboarding


What does the Foam team think of the idea of having a faucet? It could give out 50 Foam at a time to users linked to their Twitter or Google accounts, etc. Authentication and captchas would prevent abuse.

A $10,000 budget might lead to as many as 7500 new POIs and bring needed attention to the project.


an intriguing suggestion, I would like to see it tied more explicitly to a challenge, or ‘game’. Something like free to play (you get the tokens to enter), and there be a larger reward for a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners…

As such, the mechanics of would not require changes to existing contracts, so yeah roll-out of something like that could be faster.

If it were a reward in NFT’s than that would be a simple non-impactful expense.

It should also be kept in mind what the objective is. Collecting email addresses, is one thing. How does a person’s email address benefit FOAM?

Can we make the faucet activity more FOAM centric?


150 people will be a noticeable addition to the community. There’s about 600 FOAM-holding “cartographer” accounts today, probably not exactly 1:1 with regards to the number of people controlling them.

The main challenge is to attract contributors instead of crypto freeloaders.


If that’s the goal, then the scope of the project is different than simply providing a faucet. With a narrower scope, and clear objectives it will be easy to qualify success. I’m all in on encouraging active FOAM participants. I’m just interested in implementing a system that will guarantee the results that are sought. I think that a defined framework is required for the ‘Faucet’ to function as intended.