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Ok so I think about this a lot so i figured it would be fun to brainstorm with others. I think we can agree that gamification of the FOAM map is a strong way to draw interest/attention. I feel like an easy way to introduce average potential users would be to leverage a game they are familiar with and incorporate into the FOAM map. How cool would it be if there was a Monopoly game that you could play in real time that incorporated the map? I have no clue how it would work but it sounds fun, haha. I think this could be a way to grab short term interest. People in general don’t venture far from their comfort zone - a familiar game might help them. What else could you do?

Candy Land?
Risk? (that might be dangerous, haha)
Some sort of Memory Matching game?


FOAM Map Gamification. Results & Next Steps

Well, FOAM Treasure Hunts are a variation of Smarty Pins game (see There probably should be more of those, but not too many to preserve the novelty.

Are you talking of gamification of contribution process, like Treasure Hunt? Or just building games that somehow involve FOAM map and FOAM token?


I meant more of the latter - building games that involve the FOAM map and FOAM token to drum up attention and usage. Thanks!


I had an idea for a simple game that could be like an old point and click mystery adventure. Partially based on the treasure hunt.

This would consist of clues and locations that would need to be added, but require research and critical thinking. By the time all the correct points are added the puzzle is solved and mystery revealed based off of the historic information about the points.

This could be themed, for example “founding of America” – “Prohibition Era Mafia” – “Sports Trivia” etc.


this game should be built as a foam app


Could be interesting.

In fact, a Monopoly based on Google Maps was online for a while in 2009:


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mutual benefiting partnerships is how i would expect the early stages of FOAM gameification to play out.

blockcities has already demonstrated this well.

it would be interesting to see brick and mortar type companies duplicate something like that.

any existing company could easily step into the blockchain sector by offering NFTs in exchange for FOAM users to create POIs for them.

for example, a game that i just now found out about and (as far as i know) doesn’t have a brick and mortar partnership is plasmabears.

combined with FOAM plasmabears could approach the company Build-A-Bear Workshop and offer incentives to FOAM users who create POIs for the Build-A-Bear locations. (user generated mutual advertising for all 3 parties involved)

all 3 partners (FOAM, Build-A-Bear, Plasmabears) benefit just by a having someone interact with one of them. therefore drawing in users/customers that they may have never been able to reach previously.

until DPoL, the only games i can think of that would benefit FOAM are incentivized map build out type games.


There is a difference between Gamification, and Gaming:

Gamification: "the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity, typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service

Gaming: the playing of games that simulate actual conditions (as of business or war) especially for training or testing purposes

I believe that Gamification when handled carefully can provide incentives to participate and engagement in an application. The FOAM Leaderboard is a Gamification step of FOAM.

Games such as Monopoly, would be gaming pure and simple within the framework of the FOAM protocol. The participation of users would be different than enabling Gamification. There are also questions such as IP / Licenses of content for a game, and how to handle side effects such as Pokemon, where people stand on street corners for extended periods of time as a flashmob.

I am supportive of Gamification of features that may have low engagement or not be fully exploited by the community. I think that Games built around FOAM would cater to a different audience.


Great thread. As previously mentioned, there is a difference between gamification and games, while I think both are very relevant to the FOAM Map.

To differentiate between two kinds of gamification that are oriented towards improving the data-set of the FOAM Map, I have used Explicit Gamification and Implicit Gamification here:

When talking about Explicit Games using the FOAM Map, we can differentiate between them based on if they are improving the FOAM Map data-set or not.

To understand this division lets use two examples:

Example 1: NFT Scavenger Hunt Game
Game developed by third party developers, inspired by the Treasure hunt experiments.
Daily riddles for global locations, riddles are solved by entering answers as places through the third party interface. The game mechanics are designed in a way that the user activity in the game improves the value of the POI registry.

This doesn’t need to be based on POI entry, but could be based on challenging or other actions that are inherent to the smart contracts.

Example 2: Geocaching using the FOAM Map
Also developed by third party developers, inspired by Geocaching. Uses the CSC standard and the FOAM Map to display hidden boxes across the Korean countryside. When found, a paper note inside with QR code unlocks a small monetary reward. As the locations of the boxes have little value as POIs on the map and are temporary, they are not used as input for e registry. The game uses FOAM open source tooling but doesnt actively contribute to the quality of the POI registry.

We are excited about people building both, but will in our own efforts mainly support projects that also contribute to the POI registry. I will put some more time into exploring potential games/applications that could be built out already (This is a great example of such a post).


some inspiration.

the 90s were hilarious. lol

i remember playing the game.

a similar concept with a stand alone website that references clues listed in POI descriptions on the foam map could be fun.

anyone else ever play Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?


Haha, loved that game show! If someone can get Rockapella to reunite I don’t see why it can’t be a hit. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh my. Watching this gave me so much nostalgia! Great reference.


more inspiration


@yepyep did you see this? Came out sometime last week I think.


lol no, thats weird. someone was having the same nostalgic thoughts as me i guess lol.