FOAM Grants Momentum Continue -- Introducing BlockCities and FOAMViz


FOAM has been thrilled with the success of the first wave of FOAM grants and hackathon submissions. We’re excited to see FOAM grants enable meaningful efforts in building open and decentralized alternatives to current mapping and location positioning solutions.

In spirit of this momentum, we are excited to announce the second iteration of FOAM Grant recipients building on the FOAM API.

BlockCities Scavenger Hunts

Preston Attebery continues to blow the FOAM team and community away with his scavenger hunts–and now he is producing a game-changing visual layer to make them all the better. You might remember the wild success of the Blockcities Holiday Hunts, weekly hunts and special edition New York Blockchain Week Hunt. Now the team is back and busy integrating the map into, creating a stand-alone BlockCities FOAM Map, and introducing Season 1 of BlockCities Scavenger Hunts bringing back weekly hunts!

This project makes FOAM map more than a collection of dots and further connects the data layer with the physical layer. ‘The FOAM Map is what exists in the real world, and BlockCities makes it appear as so—vividly showing what the data suggests.’

The grant project aligns with the team’s goal of learning about real cities, modelling them and using them in a play. And ultimately the BlockCities visual layers will give the ever expanding FOAM community more opportunities to scavenge—users can win rare buildings, see them on the map atop real-world data and use the buildings in their own digital city.


The grants continue with another exceeding cool project that enhances the FOAM Map. Prastut and Sahil are developing a stunning visualizer and spatial index of the FOAM map. The project focuses on kickstarting the visualization of FOAM TCR’s data by providing visualization tools and experiments that let’s the community view the data in a more visual way.

The describes they were inspired by the fundamental human tendency to appreciate visuals. Prastut describes “Because of the way the human brain processes information, using charts or graphs to visualize large amounts of complex data is easier than pouring over raw numbers. Data visualisation is a quick, easy way to convey concepts in a universal manner”

His visualizations will include the Cartographer journey, Density of Points and Staked POI’s and the evolution of FOAM over time.

More to come…

FOAM Grants programs is alive and operates on a rolling basis. We’re excited to continue to see more solid submissions and impressive applicants to the program.