FOAM Highlights 2019


Check out the most recent FOAM Update post from our CTO Kristoffer Josefsson. The blog piece outlines the technical progress and milestones of the recent year.


For 2020 I would like to see you step up and support the features of FOAM that should be enabled in the broader Ethereum ecosystem, this includes:

  • Actively promoting the Uniswap liquidity pool to reduce the marginal cost of entering and exiting FOAM positions. ( as this is healthy and helpful for a platform using a utility token to have reduced transactional costs)
  • Getting FOAM and OpenSea in complete harmony / usability. (the Signal NFTs are not properly integrated into the OpenSea ecosystem) There must be an NFT market for Signals if they are to have value. If they have no market, they are ‘Worthless’.
  • Using FOAM grants to empower the community where the community has worked to present an agreed on plan for a proposed FIP. This includes a public roadmap and milestones based rewards.
  • FOAM grants to establish a FOAM DAO that will be empowered to implement community required features in the future. Zcash has made significant progress on enacting community governance and ensuring longer term development is supported for their blockchain. I want to see a FOAM system implemented that has real skin in the game of the participants so that we know they are invested in the success of the outcome. (all the work last year on FIPs and there were none implemented???!!!) Uniswap is a good model, the Liquidity Pool providers are rewarded when FOAM is bought and sold.

A lot of work went into FOAM last year and we are making progress; we must not allow a tunnel vision on the FOAM Zone Anchors to derail the whole FOAM ecosystem. I thought you just hired Engineers to work on the FPGA? That should free up resources to address the other outstanding issues, as the Zone Anchors depend on healthy interaction of the Signals, and POIs and emergent dApps.

It is impossible for FOAM to succeed without all the pieces!