FOAM Improvement Proposals


Looking at the amount of discussions around possible protocol improvements, the time may be right to make it more organized and thoroughly discussed. Discourse is probably not the best tool for this kind of work. We could follow the lead of and, who, in turn, follow the lead of great OSS projects, like

So how about


Yes please.

That is a fine idea.


I looked at the EIP framework and this seems workable. Perhaps the FOAM team could fork this and the community could submit pull requests as far as making it spatially aware, and it certainly is already a mature framework for supporting the Ethereum blockchain… this could also broaden our technical resources by welcoming contributions in a recognizable framework.


Definitely a great suggestion. It will take some work to set up the repository and framework for contributions. In the interim, suggestions can be collected as issues on:

An important point though about EIPs for example is that they are not a request for a change but a technical process for standardizing functions. The proposer of an EIP is expected to lead the implementation and defend the proposal in a rigorous process. We would not want a FOAM Improvement protocol to only be a list of requests and nice to see changes. See this thread for more context:

I think a great place to start is with a workshop call as well as collect all the relevent suggestions from this forum in once place as the agenda to go through and further discuss and better understand sentiment on particular proposals.

Transferring POI's
FOAM Map Best Practices

Following up on this thread, we’ve decided to host a Community Workshop Call!

:swimming_man:‍♂ Diving into the current state of the FOAM Map
:nerd_face: Discussing Formalized Future Frameworks for FOAM improvement protocols

This workshop will not be live-streamed, please sign up to attend :

Would love to see you all there! @yinzeus @foamspacer :smiley: