FOAM in 2018, a Year in Review


It has been a busy year building FOAM, excited to share, Happy New Year! !:tada::globe_with_meridians::chains:

It has been an exciting year and our busiest yet for the Foamspace team. One year ago the FOAM protocol was largely still in stealth mode. We had a minimal website, no white paper or demos available. This post will serve as a year in review highlighting the progress made on FOAM in 2018, none of which could be possible without our amazing and dedicated team and support from our community of Cartographers and Radio enthusiasts. Thank you and Happy New Year! 2019 will be another exciting year for FOAM.


Here’s a condensed version!

What FOAM did in 2018:


2018 has been an amazing year for FOAM indeed. A lot has been accomplished. Congrats to the team.

However, although this post is useful for the general public to get to know better what is FOAM about and what has been achieved so far, I regret as someone who follow the project for more than one year that FOAM shares nothing about 2019.

There is still no roadmap shared with the community besides saying the focus for 2019 is on dPOL. I wish often that FOAM team understands that it’s important to share more about what is coming to nurture and strengthen the community. Same thing applies with your communication, you share many articles about the flaws of GPS and daily tweets on POI but you never share anything about what is going to happen. I don’t know why you wouldn’t share your plans in more details though but hope you will understand that it’s important to share more so that the community knows specifically what to expect and when. Otherwise, it will be hard for people to know where they are goin and plan how to allocate their resources if they wanna join the project to contribute as cartographers or build on top of it.

It is hard for people to project themselves in a project when updates and communication is heavily oriented towards the past and not what’s going to happen and where the project is headed in the near future.