FOAM Initial Use Period ends on 2PM EST, Today (Dec 10th)


The Initial Use Period will end at 2PM EST Today,

Users that have completed Proof of Use will be able to transfer their FOAM Tokens freely.

Thank you to the FOAM community of initial token purchasers for the valuable feedback and participation during this period. This represents one of the earliest steps to creating a consensus driven map of the world and it only got better during the initial use period.

FOAM has gained some valuable insights and incorporated most of the feedback given by the community members thanks to the great discussions on our Community Forums !

In case you need help or have any questions on Proof of Use, feel free to ask away!

Here are some helpful links on Proof of Use as well


Thanks for all the great work your team has done. I assume there will be an announcement on exchanges after the PoU period ends/opens this afternoon. Will that happen?

Also, will this website grow with new foam owners? Will it be intended for them as well? I assume (another assumption) that they too are long to have questions.

Again, great work and thanks to the foam team.


I wrote a longer post about POU and the initial use period. Looking forward to your feedback to some of the graphics.


Imagine a world where many people first introduction to FOAM is not an exchange listing announcement :heart_eyes:


Can we get an official link to the erc-20 token contract. I looked and this is not easy to find at either or as part of the usage instructions! I ask this to be documented as soon as possible.


you can find links to every FOAM related contract from within the map at the top bar.


I cannot confirm your instructions and neither should a potential FOAM user. I request an official link.



all the contracts are linked from within the map.


I’m confused. You’re telling me the only place to find the link to the Official contract is a website that is not even linked from This is a recipe for disaster.


I am not sure what you mean? Anyone can look up the FOAM token address on the public blockchain:


Hello FOAM team,

Are the tokens transferable. I completed POU but it shows not complete and I can’t transfer them.

The query module showed complete and then not complete. Why is that?


Hi Yinzeus, the links to the FOAM contracts in the Map are correct. You can also read our contract audits on our Github:


Hey fractalfunds, we need to update the user guide. If you are seeing POU complete you need to make 1 transfer of any amount of FOAM to an address out side of FOAM to “latch” POU and complete it finally. If you are Signaling above your usage threshold and and then un-signaling under your usage threshold without making an initial transfer it will not “latch”


Same here. Also, did you seriously announce the end of POU only 4 HOURS! Before it actually ended? On a Monday morning while everyone is at work and won’t probably have read the announcement until after POU is over? That is absolutely insane…


Hi Inquisitor, this is not correct, we announced the end of the initial use period early last week when Signaling launched. You can see the announcement here:


Ok. doubly confused now. The contract audit you linked to does not document the ethereum contract address. I will request again, that the ‘FOAM Token’ addressed be formally documented on the website.

The map is not accessible without significant friction for someone attempting to confirm this information. That we have spent this much effort on it indicates that it is needed.


Here is the FOAM token address:

Your request to include this on our website is noted.