FOAM joins the Poloniex family


We are excited to share that FOAM has joined the Poloniex family and tokens are now tradable on Poloniex:

Since Circle’s acquisition of Poloniex, we have focused on bringing an array of diverse and compelling assets to the exchange. We judge a listing’s merit not just by the volume in which it trades, but by its potential to move the blockchain space forward. This includes nascent assets with strong fundamentals, technology, people, business models and market dynamics supporting them.

Today, we’re delighted to be the first exchange to support FOAM; a recently unlocked token that meets the criteria we set forth in our Asset Framework. Deposits and withdrawals are currently live. Additionally, customers can now post limit orders, but orders will not be matched (“Post-only”) for a minimum of 1 hour. Post-only mode allows the order books to fill before we open trading so that we can avoid dramatic price swings and ensure a healthy market. Full trading in BTC and USDC pairs will be enabled later today.

Transferring FOAM Tokens

Significant news. Good to see a major exchange pick this up. Next significant step is the hardware deployment!!!


great, thank Ryan! :smile:


Thank you all for the support ! Couldn’t have done it without the support of the Community during the initial use period as well. :slight_smile:



I was able to meet some members of the team and hear what they are working on. Impressive hardware work going on in the background! Looking forward to the next phase of the project going public in the new year


An ETH pair would be snazzy. Perhaps someone Can add some Liquidity on uniswap?


Good to hear that. Such a Good News.