FOAM Latest Updates - October 19th


This is a collection of the latest updates from FOAM.

FOAM Map Developer Update #2
Several Changes were implemented such as the new tag categories, Proof of Use modal and Search functionality
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Verifying Crowdsourced Spatial Data Without Central Gatekeepers
From Oct. 5–7th in Detroit, FOAM had the opportunity to participate in State of the Map-US (SOTMUS) as both sponsors and speakers. In this post, FOAM community member Trenton walks us through his experience of State of the Map-US 2018, OpenStreetMap values and how FOAM’s uniquely approaches the challenge of geospatial data verification.

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Reading List: The Path to Web3.0 for Location Data
The FOAM protocol is a Web 3.0 platform providing the infrastructure for a consensus driven map based on privacy, security and decentralization. Ryan John King in this post compiles a reading list of recent material that highlights vulnerabilities in Web 2.0 mapping and geospatial data that the FOAM aims to address.

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New Haystack Post on LoRa for Proof of Location
First published results of the FOAM radio hardware testing by our partners on “How To Solve The Hardest LPWAN Geolocation Problems”
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The FOAM Team will be at web3summit and Devcon4
The FOAM team will be present at both Web3 summit in Berlin and Devcon4 in Prague. Feel free to meet the team if any of the community members are present!
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