FOAM Map Best Practices


To assist new and old mappers alike, we have put together this list of best practices for listing, challenging & voting on Points of Interest (POI). It will also be pinned in #map-challenges for easy access. Happy mapping!

Listing a POI

  • Be sure to fill in the details as accurately as possible.
  • Both English and local languages are accepted
  • Place the POI as closely to the location as possible. Some users have placed the POI in the middle of a location or at the entrance.
  • If you are using the function that fills address on click, please make sure that the address is correct. You alone are responsible that the information entered is accurate.
  • Write an accurate description of the POI.
  • Remember to add tags that describe the location the most precise, if one tag is not sufficient use up to 3. POIs must have a Tag when creating one and the tags are important reference points.
  • You do not need to enter the Website or Phone Number for all points, these are optional, but it would help cartographers who are verifying the data* .
  • Remember to subscribe to email notifications to get updates on this and other points you have created, challenged or voted on.
  • Verify your POIs by "Update Status" after the verification period has ended (3 Days)

Challenging a POI

  • List clearly the reasons for challenges.
  • Share on Discourse if you would like to defend your Challenge/POI.
  • It is best practice as a Cartographer to re-add the POI to the map with the necessary adjustments if the challenge is successful. Join the FOAM Improvement discussions to help specify this as an in protocol requirement.

Voting on a POI

  • Read up on the Challenge Reason and make a decision on whether the challenge is valid or not.
  • Feel free to bring it up on Discourse if you deem it necessary.
  • If you’re point you own has been challenged for less than the amount staked, the balance can be withdrawn and used to vote on the challenge.

Last but not least, Keep track of the FOAM Map and POIs that you listed by signing up for the FOAM Daily Digest and the Email Notifications.

Do also check out the Map Guides for step-by-step guides here.

*note that some new information such as telephone numbers might be created, which may lead to challenges.



Thank you for writing this down, Arthur! Looks solid to me. One thing I’d add is a note for POI creators that higher-stake POIs normally carry higher risk of being challenged.

It makes sense to tweak the wording to make it more clear that both centroid and entrance are fine for pin location. See, for example, Wooden Spoon challenge, where challenger is arguing that pin is misplaced, while, in fact, it is placed at the entrance.