FOAM Map Developer Update #3


Today, we pushed another release of updates for the FOAM Map. In this post, we walk through what has been changed and what features the FOAM community can expect in the next release.

This release includes much-requested filtering and sorting functionality.

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  • POI filtering and sorting directly in dashboard. To easier access and navigate between your POI’s, we have released filtering and sorting functions directly in the dashboard POI overview. (Try zooming out all the way on the map to get a global list of POI’s)
  • Rejected Points of Interests. This previously hidden category is now also viewable via the dashboard. This is meant to remove issues of faulty points being created multiple times, and users being able to keep track of their previously rejected entries.
  • Signaling frontend and backend work is done. We currently waiting for the smart contract audits to be finished so we can release to the public and end the initial use period.
  • Streamlining the internal release and deployment process to allow better observability and faster release iteration.

Upcoming planned features:

  • Launching the signaling portion of the protocol.
  • Extended analytic tools for community to track activities on the FOAM Map.
  • Contests, bounties and mapathons.


Am I understanding correctly that signaling is not yet available to use for initial buyers?


Correct. To ensure a high level of security, we are currently waiting for our new auditing firm to complete the smart contract audits.

You can read a full statement here: Important Announcement Regarding Signaling Audits and Proof of Use.


Will signaling become available for us simultaneously with availability for sale too the public?


No, Signalling will be launched before the end of the initial Proof of Use Period (Token Unlock).

This is done because the idea of proof of use is to test all functionality, for both static and dynamic proof of location, before participation becomes possible for individuals not part of the initial token purchasers. Without signalling, a core function as specified in the token sale details, is missing. This would prevent a large part of the community to fulfill proof of use as they had intended before the token unlock date.