FOAM Map Release: Uniswap, Front-end and back-end updates


Hello FOAM community members some of you may have noticed already some updates to the FOAM map. This is because we are excited to announce the new release of the Map. The bulk of this release covers back end enhancements optimizations and upgrades that you will only notice via a smoother experience, such as an update to Chanterelle. That said there are three major upgrades that fully affect the front end and user experience. This includes updated my assets card, an updated and more polished voting card as well as a decentralized exchange integration right into the map via Uniswap.

To access this integration simply press your FOAM balance at the top right of the map. This opens a drop down menu and you will see a button called get foam. Click this button to open the Uni swap widget. From here you will be able to acquire foam for use directly in the application with only a few clicks. We are extremely excited to support this feature and have additional plans with Uniswap as we are collaborating closely with the team. Additionally look out for a forthcoming release that will include support for the 0x instant widget for further options for acquiring FOAM.

The asset and the voting card updates are quite straightforward re-designs. We hope you enjoy them and please let us know know any feedback and join the discussion for community improving proposals that are ongoing. Further check out the new foam tools page for curators and cartographers alike as additional ways to interact with the protocol.


uniswap integration is fabulous news! Uniswap is a dex that is optimized to provide liquidity. Depending on the pool size there is inherent ‘slippage’ for a certain swap size; and this assures that there is always a market for an asset.

It is expected that all arbitrage opportunities are ‘arb’ed’ away by traders or bots. This provides a swap facility that is always at the market price for an asset.

So for instance a small pool may only allow trades of 100 units, a large pool may allow 10,000 units to be swapped, trades are always possible though by design, only know that your price for a swap could move the price. The opportunity then exists for someone, or something to trade the other direction to ‘arb’ the price.

Well worth integrating with FOAM!


The ‘My Assets’ and voting card changes definitely have a cleaner, sharper look and feel. Excited about the Uniswap integration as well. Good work guys.