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Welcome to Discourse! This is the Local Foam Community Thread for NYC! :statue_of_liberty:


Welcome to the FOAM Protocol community channel for the Greater New York City area!

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Interested to know how we can enable a developer community in Brooklyn.


NYC MESH is rolling out community wireless broadband to Brooklyn:

Building a community-owned and -operated internet network for all New Yorkers

[…] allowing for greater network capacity and opening the door to potential coverage in the neighborhoods of Sunset Park, South Slope, Park Slope, Gowanus, Red Hook, and beyond. This expansion results from the completion of a major new antenna on the NYC Mesh network at Industry City, where NYC Mesh partnered with Pilot Fiber, Inc.

Prior to now, a majority of NYC Mesh’s internet bandwidth was only available in lower Manhattan at the 375 Pearl St. Supernode 1 site, which connects nearly 300 buildings scattered across lower Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn

This is an example of where FOAM will be when the Radio’s are deployable. It would be good idea to understand the challenges of rolling out such services by collaborating with NYC MESH at this stage. I suggest that New York FOAM supporters reach out to build that connection now.