Foam on Poloniex


Looks like some one may have possibly fat fingered foam on Poloniex. Led to what seems like about 3x the average daily volume in aggregate across exchanges that coinmarketcap tracks for foam pricing.

Would be interesting to see if there was a group of wallets on Uniswap(v2) bag holding reactionary sells that went through there. That is unless the sell order didn’t originate on Poloniex.

Who knows what happened but could have setup a bagholder with one whale of a position.


Lowest print on the Poloniex ticker for FOAM/BTC was .00000068Screenshot_20200818-170209


saw 1btc order sold at 200 sats (500,000 FOAM)? then 200K-300K orders both ways maybe trying to re-enter down to 170. the rest was insignificant. doesnt take much ony 1btc, i sold some at the top for 450 avg lol wish i had bids sub 120 sats