FOAM satellite? 🤔


what are the thoughts on the possibilities of launching some satellites? on the surface it sounds crazy and expensive - but i believe it’s a viable idea. the costs of electronic components as well as the cost of launching have and continue to drop. those with the skill set required would be interested in coming onboard cause of the mission.

as a point of reference, what facebook has been working on in this space, doing things like using lasers fo point to point communication of satellite to satellite for precise location. only in our case we would not be using bandwidth for varying internet content - it’d be specifically for location. fast, accurate, reliable location.



While a satelite would be pretty cool, I think FOAM decided not to go down that path and use Radio waves instead which have a much lower range but very much cheaper than a satelite for their Proof of Location


Saw this article and I thought it was worth sharing in this thread

Some of these satelites are designed to “see” radio signals from space. The company’s software will take unique radio signals coming from ships to “fingerprint” vessels, track them over time, and even forecast future movements.

Another interesting use case for Radio Signals!