FOAM tokens stuck in "voting-credit"


Hi FOAM family,

A while ago the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam was challenged because the description did not contain any information about Anne Frank’s diary.

I thought this was a valid point so I commited 50 FOAM tokens in favor of the challenger.

Apparently, his challenges was validated by the rest of the cartographers because the description now says something about Anne Frank’s diary.

But in my asset cards the tokens are still stuck in voting. Also, I am not sure if I received any reward for voting in favor of the challenge.


Any help would be appreciated.




Hey Adriaan! Have you tried expanding the “My Asset” card and looking at the Voting section? You should be able to unlock your locked voting credit there.

To claim your rewards :

  • Your rewards must be withdrawn from My Assets.
  • Select the Registry tab.
  • Under Rewards, you can see the reward tokens you are eligible to claim for each POI for voting on the winning side of a challenge.
  • Select your winning POI and click “Claim Reward”. You can only claim rewards for 1 POI at a time.


Yes, found it. Thanks a lot!


Great to hear that !