FOAM Tools Suggestions


Starting this thread for feedback on FOAM Tools.

Here are a few things that I think would be helpful:

  1. Links to challenge transactions on Etherscan from challenges in FOAM Tools.

I realize that I’m able to scroll to the bottom of the page for a challenge, click on the challenger cartographer, and then from there link to his/her address on etherscan, but from there it’s not always easy to find the challenge transaction and this is fairly indirect. Would be nice to have a sleek link like there is below cartographers in the ‘Cartographers’ tab.

  1. Links to point creation transactions on Etherscan from points in FOAM Tools.

There’s a Ethereum-y looking hexadecimal code at the top of the page, but it’s not linked and when I manually copy, paste, and search for it on Etherscan, it doesn’t come up as a transaction hash, address, or anything. What even is this?


  1. Would be nice to be able to scroll over and see more ‘Ended Recently’ challenges.

  1. Would be nice to be able to see when a challenge hits the quorum required for the POI to be removed, maybe in the graph.

Maybe some kind of line, so we know the vote is basically over even if it hasn’t been officially settled yet by hitting the end of the REVEAL_PERIOD_LEN (a.k.a reveal period). This would give cartographers the option to save gas if they already know the challenge result will settle in their favor. (Definitely need to fix this in the TCR 2.0 though to have the challenge able to close as soon as the required vote quorum hits on the challenge. We currently spend a ton of time waiting on challenges to finish when they’ve already hit the quorum.)


I personally do everything on FOAM Tools now, besides actually sending transactions. It’s much easier than constantly zooming into and out of the map and applying filters. FOAM Tools has been an awesome resource for me so far and I’m looking forward to seeing it continue to grow.


It took me some googling to find what you were referring to: can we get these assets added to with a link (foam map too?).

Also is there anything else that is being used that needs linked to for casual users?



Thanks! I am in planning stages for next version, so it is great to hear how it can be more useful for you. This suggestion was previously posted by CryptoZen:

The Ethereum-y looking hexadecimal code at the top of Points pages is the listing hash (unique ID for points) :slight_smile:


Do you know is there a way to use this to see the transaction hash for the POI creation or challenge or no?


It’s not super straightforward, but for now you could open the point on the FOAM Map and then click this link to see the creation tx in Etherscan:


is it possible to at some point add search capabilities to so that people can search for POIs on the map based on the Title the user supplied for that POI?


Thanks for the feedback. Below are the features to be added next over this month, please keep suggestions coming

  1. Introduce a “Stats” area, including graphs for (a) tokens locked up over time, (b) map points over time, (.c) point outcomes, (d) challenger speed vs challenge stake.

  2. Change layout to introduce a left-hand menu, giving more space for content on desktop & cleaner navigation on mobile.

  3. Support search for “Points” chart based on name, listing hash or owner.

  4. Add a “Quorum” line to Challenge graphs on the summary and detail pages.

  5. Support Blockcities NFT badges on Cartographer profiles.

  6. Add links to Etherscan for historical activity.

We are very excited to continue to support the FOAM Cartographer Tools Platform. Additionally, 10,000 points were reached today.:grinning:


Thank you guys, you are doing a great job!! It would be nice if you could put in the description of the challenge links. Thus, the challenger can make his already invested time the voters to good. These can make faster decisions by using the Link.


love what im seeing. great job FOAM team. its pretty impressive how much the overall map and experience has improved already. looking forward to these new features.


:tada: Search has been added. If there is a query that doesn’t accomplish what you expect, please let me know.

:crown: A quorum line and winner icon was added a little while ago. Does it make sense?

:globe_with_meridians: Every “history” item now has a globe button to open Etherscan in a new window and show the original transaction.

The next planned improvements are:

  • Stats section
  • Expanded NFT support for profiles
  • Improved look/feel on super wide screens


its perfect. thank you


Thanks! Yeah, I had heard about foam tools but wasn’t sure how to use it. This looks great.


For more information on how to use FOAM Tools check out this intro post: