FOAM Update - Devcon and Diffusion Success


Hey FOAM community!

FOAM team has been hard at work this October. We’re super excited to update you on the FOAM success at two major event activations: Devcon V Osaka and Diffusion Hackathon in Berlin.

Devcon V Osaka

We kicked off Osaka with a massively well attended talk on Functional Programming in Ethereum by our very own Kristoffer Josefsson and Martin Allen. The room was standing room only with eager would be audience members turned away at the door by other highly engaged listeners.

​​FOAM is aggressively pursuing scalable blockchain solutions in order to support our geospatial blockchain protocols and services and we see functional programming tools as a way to excel at this goals. The Haskell and prescript languages provides rich static security guarantees at the core levels of the language, making it ideal for writing large blockchain applications where such guarantees are important. As seen at DevCon V these kinds of tools are in high and rising demand.

Check out the slides to the informative talk here:

More information on the libraries, tools and frameworks covered in this talk can be found here:

Next FOAM’s braintrust of developers,Kristoffer Josefsson, Martin Allen, Irakli Safareli, Charles Crain, Ilya Ostrovskiy, continued to shine and inform with a three hour workshop on Rapidly Deploying Full Stack ETH 1.5 applications in a day. Again a well attending and actively engaged workshop at the largest Ethereum conference of the year. Slides for the workshop can be found here:

(Architecture of a full stack Ethereum application; front end, back end and blockchain)

All the while we the Map Osaka Game beta was successfully launched in a meaningful collab with Google Cloud, Chainlink and Blocklytics. Check it out here: This game incentivizes generation of valuable location data verified by off chain computation in Google Cloud and managed by Chainlink. The architecture diagram describes the framework that has been under development for the past months, which is now ready for a main-net deployment, after audit confirmations, with real rewards. The collaboration will continue towards another test. Johann Eid from the Chainlink team will be joining us on our next community call to discuss their excitement about this project and the work from their end:

Then we closed out Devcon with one of the chillest/most fun parties of the week at Runway lounge. FOAM and 3Box we thrilled to host our many friends and mvps of Ethereum after a busy week.

Diffusion Berlin Hackathon

From Osaka, the FOAM team quickly mobilized to Berlin to keep the project momentum going. Ryan welcomed Diffusion Hackathon by Outlier Ventures with a FOAM talk to a full room of hackers and community at Factory Berlin. The hackathon shaped out phenomenally with more great FOAM hacks to hit the awesome FOAM dev ecosystem. Big congrats to the innovative and useful hacks on FOAM this past weekend!

The FOAM runner up prize went to Carbon Credits Club project. This talented team created a decentralized marketplace generating carbon credits & supporting carbon offset farms that integrates with the FOAM Crypto-Spatial-Coordinate standard with their contracts Check out more here:

The next FOAM runner up prize went to ID.Earth Runner which helps self-organization, by on-boarding members onto strong identity and bootstrapping local democratic communities integrating with FOAM PoIs. Check it out:

The well deserved FOAM grand prize went to Clay by the ever so talented Matt Condon and AJ Adams. Clay is a neutral hardware infrastructure for the web3 that finds staked POIs near you so that you can receive notifications about low-friction ways to contribute to the FOAM map. Check it out here:

We then closed down our successful weekend in Berlin with an informative and full meetup along with Cosmos. The meetup focused on the Cosmos’ IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) initiative and featured FOAM’s latest updates on how IBC can be used in location services, the progress on working on the Interchain Foundation Grant for a Haskell Cosmos SDK, additions to the team and lates radio electrical engineering work. This talk and conversation is being prepared into its own post to kick off a new series of updates

And that’s a wrap! Looking forward to a community call Thursday of next week where we can hear from some demos from some of these talented FOAM builders!