FOAM Use case and adoption


Hello Admins,

I have been following the blockchain space for quite some time and understand different blockchains/DLT/Graph solutions out there. TO be hones I am quite impressed with the team that is currently displayed on your website and given this project has been in works for almost 3 years if not more but why it struggles to find its adoption?

Why there’s no real usage out there yet? Also, this make sense that team had chosen ethereum, may be that was the only public blockchain available back then but given the low transaction, high gas fees, low throughput, high latency limitations of ethereum - are there any plans to migrate to a different chain or may be to some DLT solution like Radix ?

Your twitter handle do post updated but those are not regular. Also, the telegram channel is missing.

The whitepaper says I can earn FOAM tokens by providing places of interest or basically contributing to the foam maps(either adding places or verifying exiting places etc.) Is there any documentation that explains the process for an average user ?



Admins - Can you please share any update or your opinion on this?


Hello Admins,

Is this forum dead or the admins don’t care to respond to user’s query ? It’s weird the telegram group has also been muted and only few announcements made there… No update in terms of partnership or any updated roadmap. THe whitepaper on github still shows draft version. Can someone please provide full transparency ?



Can someone please update about the current development and possibly 3-6 months priorities? The twitter post only seems like a news here and there but doesn’t give clear picture about what’s planned for this year or next 6 months? Any insight about adoption? Partnership etc…

I understand it was holiday season and people take time off to recharge/rejuventate, spend time with family but I believe folks should have start resuming to work but so far no-one has shown any consideration to update the community.

Not sure team/admin is ignoring or they don’t see it as anymore important? Is this how you’re gonna keep the community?