FOAM user-generated content copyright and license


Who holds the copyright to FOAM user-generated/user-submitted content? Are there clear license terms under which it is made available? How do these things work on blockchain from legal point of view?


If you meant this in the context of the FOAM Map, The FOAM Map is merely a way to visualise the blockchain data. As such ownership of the Points and Signals are still owned by their creator/lister

As mentioned previously, the code for the FOAM TCR is also open source so anyone can fork the code and make their own spatial index


@Daryl_Foam, yes, this is in context of both FOAM dataset and webapp.

Crowdsourced knowledge projects like Wikipedia and OpenStreetMaps have set rules for their contributors and users regarding licensing of submitted content and conditions of its redistribution. That is, Wikipedia makes its content available under CC BY-SA license, OSM under ODbL; both projects require their contributors to license all submitted content in a certain way.

Is there any kind of CLA for FOAM contributors? Are there any terms in place governing the use of FOAM data? For instance, is any attribution or share-alike required?