FOAM's Holiday Treasure Hunt - Community Thread 🎁



Great way to wrap up the first week of the Holiday Treasure hunt! :tada:

One more week left to go!
That means there are still 5 more NFTs waiting to be found :wink:

When we return on Monday, we’ll be moving the release time for the riddles ~10 hours later to accommodate our international friends.

In case you missed it, here are some useful links
Full Announcement

Guide on How to participate

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OpenSea Links for the NFTs


Hope everyone had a great weekend! Here’s the latest riddle :slight_smile:



We think we found it: NEW SEOUL STATION CLOCK. We have registered a POI in the position we believe is the most accurate.




My team and I have spent 5 hours hunting for this building. We are no closer than we were at the start but I have to say We’ve all had a marvellous education today in the history of this technology. :nerd_face:


Is it time for a follow up clue?


I’m pretty sure the clue is describing the transistor. In which case, the answer should be the Bell Labs site in Murray Hill, NJ (specifically Building 1, Room 1E455).

See this IEEE newsletter for reference:


I keep coming back to that too but the building is not the right shape.


We’ve also looked up birthplaces and work places for:
John Ambrose Fleming
James Clark Maxwell
Thomas Edison
Guglielmo Marconi
Lee de Forrest
Mahlon Lewis
And Adolf Slaby
No luck. Fascinating trail though.


I’m guessing that was a mistake or deliberately made to look different to throw participants off.


@arthur I saw the answer to the Day 7 riddle was announced as the Former Bell Laboratories Building in NYC. Was the riddle describing the transistor? Since that’s not where the transistor was invented.

The transistor was invented in 1947 but from 1941, most of the Bell Telephone Laboratories staff had moved from the West Street, NYC site to Murray Hill, NJ (see

In fact, John Bardeen, one of the inventors of the transistor, started work at Bell Labs only in October 1945, and moved his family to Summit, NJ so he would be close to the office in Murray Hill, NJ (see page 115 of his biography

Also in 2009, an IEEE dedication was made at the Murray Hill, NJ site stating that the transistor was invented there in Building 1, Room 1E455 (see

Could you please clarify this?



Thanks for pointing out @foamster, it seems like we made a mistake when choosing our source material. After checking out your links, its clear that you are right regarding the location the transistor was produced!

Thankfully, people still misinterpreted correctly and still added the correct POI. :sweat_smile:
We will make sure to not repeat, thanks again!


Thanks for your response but I’m not sure what you mean by “misinterpreted correctly and still added the correct POU”.

I appreciate that you’re trying to engage the community with the treasure hunt. And I’m sure this was an honest mistake. But I’m here because I believe in the fundamental hope and promise of FOAM: to be the consensus-driven map of truth in the world, no longer needing gatekeepers who can get it wrong.

It’s disappointing to see the Christmas day riddle was the opposite of this. IMO, there should be some attempt to fix the mistake like rewarding the correct POI once there’s consensus on the true location.

In any case I’m done here. Peace.


Thanks for your response but I’m not sure what you mean by “misinterpreted correctly and still added the correct POU”.

Sorry if I was being unclear. (corrected typo “POU” to “POI” above).

The process we used for this was as follows:

  1. Select 10 POIs that are not yet added to the FOAM Map in “the 10 most active POI clusters” and make NFT versions of these POIs.
  2. Come up with riddles for NFTs.
  3. Post riddles and give out NFT to person that adds correct POI.

Our mistake in step 2 was caused by this NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES
INVENTORY Nomination Form
, listing the transistor as part of the technological breakthroughs done through work in this historic building on 453 West Street.

By “misinterpreted correctly” I mean that the community still arrived at the intended POI from step 1, even if we posted a riddle that was misinformed.

But I’m here because I believe in the fundamental hope and promise of FOAM: to be the consensus-driven map of truth in the world, no longer needing gatekeepers who can get it wrong.

The treasure hunt is a first experiment in extrinsic incentives on top of the FOAM Map as discussed in this thread: Short term incentives for the FOAM Map. Neither the resulting POI nor the quality of its metadata was affected by this error. If we rely on human processes to design game or other incentive models on top of the existing protocol (which anyone is open to do), the deployed TCR model together with the community should always act as a control system to ensure POI quality. We should expect that there is a decentralized system in place to ensure that faulty POIs get challenged and the resulting dataset is of good quality.

Having said that, I fully understand the frustration of participating in a riddle that has the wrong clue. I am currently looking into what can be done to fix the mistake and reward the cartographers that guessed correctly based on the misinformed riddle.

Tell me if there is anything else I can do. Thank you for your continuous feedback on the matter and hope this didnt affect your participation in this project outside of the treasure hunt.


Thank you for your detailed response here and engaging with a member of the community on this. It builds confidence in FOAM.

IMO it is moments like this where the culture of a community is formed and not what is said on a marketing website. I appreciate you trying to remedy the situation and if the mistake ultimately gets fixed, then I think this episode will serve as a reference for the values this project cares about and stands for.


Agreed, these interactions are vital for us to learn from experiments like the treasure hunt. Thank you @foamster.