Forget About De-Fi // Time for Lo-Fi


De-Fi or “decentralized finance” is all the rage these days.

I see big things for Lo-Fi or “location finance”.

Starting with the Map and ultimately Proof of Location an entirely new class of financial applications will be enabled.


Could there be something like this but for the FOAM Map?

“FOAM locked on FOAM Map” with live stats would be amazing!

Would be good marketing in my opinion.

Also this wiki of MakerDAO is very detailed and something FOAM could replicate? (Anyone that looks into DeFi would probably ask themselves whats MakerDAO and then end up on this)


Thanks @Schott a wiki is a great idea. Right now there is and

The total amount staked has been shared, with the most recent on the Community Workshop Call, you can see the statistics here:


LoFi while easy to say, has a negative bias. It is the opposite of HiFi isn’t it?

What about LocFin (Locative Finance):

Locative Finance or LocFin is finance concerned with and functionally bound to a location, be that “in”, “on”, “at”, and “by” a specifically identified geographical location thru Crypto Spatial Coordinates for an open and interoperable standard of location in Ethereum smart contracts.

LocFin realizes such transactions are only possible for participants because of de jure presence in a locale, city or region and through the use of Blockchain technology will reduce the cost of administering and providing this service in a more secure manner.

The implementation of Locative Finance, however, is not bound to the same location to which the transaction occurs as the ‘Proof of Location Protocol’ establishes Consensus on whether an event or agent is verifiably at a certain point in time and space to support the requirements of the Locative Finance service.


Is anyone doing anything about a wiki? I’d like to help. Might be interesting to collaborate on one here in discourse and then post it. Would be nice to put FOAM on everipedia too!


LongFi is a term that refers to long range radio frequency technology - the kind being explored for proving location by consensus (nice hodling connotations too).