Forget reveal phase to reveal voting


I forget reveal phase. Could you tell me how to know my reveal phase?
I’ve never see it before, so I do not understand what is reveal phase.
Is it displayed during or after voting? when do I see it?


Hey Lagoon,
You can check out this screenshot of how the reveal phrase looks like,
It will appear after you’ve stated how much you want to vote and while the metamask prompt is loading.

If you lost the vote reveal phrase dont worry as your voting credits will be safe, you just have to claim it from the “My Assets” card when the challenge ends

Check out the guide for more detailed instructions.


Hey Dary

Thank you for your reply. I understand reveal phrase completely.
I miss it during vote. so I claim it when challenge ends.


@lagoon you can also send in another vote and save that salt phrase as well if the voting period is still open.