General Guidelines When Submitting Bugs/Feedback


There are a few things you can do to help us out when you submit feedback on the FOAM Map or have a bug to report.

  • Screenshots with arrows and/or circles can be a great way to make clear what you are trying to explain.

  • If submitting a user interface bug/issue, it can be helpful if you include your operating system and the browser that you are using.

  • For user interface issues, it can also help to check the developer console for errors. This is done differently for different browsers and operating systems. See here if you are unsure how to access the developer console.

  • Use a concise and descriptive title. You can go in depth and give greater details in the text of your post.

  • Use the search function to make sure you are not submitting a duplicate bug or suggestion. If you find a thread on the same topic, reply there with more information or confirming the same issue.