Geospatial World Forum 2019 talk published on youtube


FOAM gets a lot of exposure in my talk on April 3rd which has just been published on youtube.

It starts at 809 seconds:

Afterwards, panel debate between me and Andy Wilson, Ordnance Survey, UK.
Andy speaks before me in the same video.


Great talk @ellvtr thanks for sharing! As well as contributing to sharing knowledge of the work and geospatial tools developing around the FOAM protocol.

Your presentation has a great overview of all of the elements of FOAM, from Crypto-Spatial Coordinate standards to byte diagrams of radio messages for Proof of Location. I appreciate your point about time frames for this kind of technology, roll out and testing.


Thanks, I’m happy to hear that!

Up until shortly before my talk, @arthur was very helpful answering my questions and improving my understanding of various elements of FOAM.

I’d love to know even more about FOAM.


Ask away anytime @ellvtr ! :slight_smile: