Henderson Waves Challenge


There’s a challenge that’s going on and is about to end that I find rather frivolous.

Currently there are 2 POIs at Henderson Waves and the one that was added earlier (23rd September) is being challenged: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x73b8c22b5e51d59998057933eb4efd2404ec0e42302bed06c0099ce93a13e8c7

The reason for challenge given is better spelling and tags.

For your reference, the other POI that’s not being challenged was added at a later date, on 27th September: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xfeb3ee91039442d0bd0ebbdb5a68694317e1542dd8b50bb96a9a8262023590e4. The tags of this one is “better” because of the extra word “health” -

I find such kind of challenges to be frivolous and not helpful to the betterment of FOAM. It’s just nit-picking and a poorly disguised attempt to gain some tokens. What do you guys think?


Thanks for sharing, agree with your feelings on the matter but will see how the vote turns out.

Great if you can share the url to the point on the map. Will look now for it.




It looks like the challenge period has ended already for Henderson Waves


Yes, it just ended. In fact, if any challenge is to launched, it ought to be on the other POI, seeing as how it was added a few days later …


I have heard reports previously of duplicate points appearing with “slightly better” information and then the original being challenged. @foam_cs maybe something we can analyze


Good question!

With 2 very similar duplicates, should the preference be always given to the one added earlier or to the one with however slightly better description/tags/etc?

We may also agree as a community that duplicates are a good thing for FOAM, reflecting difference of opinions in a decentralized protocol. That may be a hard sell for users of centralized maps though, who expect to see a single curated version of truth on their map, not a cluster of opinions.


I think for description and tags, “better” can be rather subjective. In this instance, there’s not much difference between the two POIs, except for an extra tag … And the challenger in this case even mentioned better spelling, whatever that means!


Yep, they can be subjective, especially from the POI owner’s point of view. At least in your case the challenge was for minimal 50-token stake. Some other ongoing challenges definitely reek of greed, just look at https://map.foam.space/#/dashboard/0xe95cbf4d270c4d7c154677fbe1320c1e92ab0b12de97537eb8a29c785ed1f638/?lng=128.7025748&lat=46.9623099&zoom=14.48 - the challenge amount is completely out of proportion to the reason.


I am curious … how does 3250 tokens into the challenge reward the challenger, assuming that perhaps only 50 or 100 tokens were used to stake the POI initially? :thinking: Or were you referring to the number of votes cast?


Here’s another challenge that I don’t feel too sure about:

We are now going after spelling errors? :flushed:


That POI had 3520 tokens staked by owner, not 50, and challenger went after the full amount. That’s greedy in my book.

The POI title is wrong there, not sure what you mean?


Technically, it’s just a typo …


Congratulations, @N_O_O_B!

Would you like to update your point with the extra tag and “improved spelling” (I think it was about missing space after comma :)) of the removed duplicate? To absorb not just its tokens, but also informational value.


Eh … it’s actually not my POI.