Here technologies at CES


Hey everybody, hope you are doing good after the holidays,
This week I’m at CES in Vegas, and this afternoon I explored HERE tech pavilion, an astonishingly amount of products and projects going on, they also announced SoMo a social network for location services…plus a bunch of new things check it out here:
There are many other announcements for this upcoming year.
I can tell you everything inside that pavilion was screaming proof of location & FOAM. They have obviously huge partnerships with Audi & more, but if I should imagine a future for FOAM protocol, that should be damn similar to HERE, plus GDPR rules should be a lot more transparent with blockchain in the backbone…

Which big companies do you think can build huge win-win partnership with FOAM ?

Also FOAM admins: as the discourse is obviously strictly related to FOAM building and use, maybe having another more "random category could encourage more talking about side topics like competitors or mapping related news… it makes any sense?


WOW, very interested to know more.

Is it possible to link it to this post ?

Or maybe create another category for potential win-win partnerships or synergies to explore actively?


I would alose like another category for a “broader” discussion.