Hope to provide multilingual support


This will allow more people around the world to participate in the validation and use of maps.


Yes Multilingual support is being looked into, definitely agree on that it would increase participation around the world!


Having a link to a git repository for the UI would certainly help in crowd sourcing this!


I see that foam needs to find ways to disseminate the project to investors, especially to some schools.

This is a map of everyone so it needs development from everyone.
Currently, foam token prices are a measure of the attractiveness of the project.


You think it could be possible to add a second layer for multilingual info on a poi? Like the ability to have different description/title selection so somebody can add a primary language (English / anything else) + secondary language (local language/dialect)?
Incentives could help adding more languages, maybe also challenging those if the local language choosen is not enough good? … Maybe could limit too much, but keeping the secondary info as optional could avoid challenges for any POI without secondary language. Of course the community will decide through voting if the lack of an additional language is avoidable.
Is there any discussion on how to choose standard languages? This is tricky…