How do you keep track of Votes and Rewards?


How do all of you keep track of your votes and rewards etc?

I personally have my own spreadsheet that looks like this


I don’t. I just keep track of pending votes by copying the reveal vote phrase on a *.txt file. Once voting is over and rewards claimed, the information is deleted :smile:


When the map first launched, I was also using a spreadsheet. Recently, I’ve started just using the Leaderboard and ‘My Assets’ card.


So far a .txt served me well enough. It’s organised as a kind of journal and I write down dates for next actions, so I can find all TODOs for, say, 24th Apr. I don’t track unclaimed rewards, because does that already, but I do track everything else, like POIs that may need update.

I’m looking forward to Curator’s toolkit, because I was already considering developing my own.