"I will restake the POI. Promise!"


There is a new trend to try and gain support for the challenge by promising to re-add the POI in case of successful challenge. A few of such challenges have played out, so we can check the results. So far, none of them were followed by re-adding the POI:

So I wouldn’t count on these promises when casting your vote. It’s more realistic to assume the POI will not be re-added.

Challenges in Girona, Spain

It is from this deceitful address, the top challenger I previously pointed out. They have split their tokens across a few addresses now. Obviously trying to trick users to gather support, when in fact they are gunning for the tokens with no intention to contribute to the map and only driven profit and “prove a point”.

I know this user is here, so why don’t you chime in?


Are sure it isn’t you @GeoPeter? That would be the magician’s greatest deception! :see_no_evil: :clap::clap::clap:


Its not, but even so, come vote against me! I am trying to point out a bad actor with the information available on chain.


Yes, I understand… your efforts great at that.


Weird that they should pick Meatworks … there’re only 50 tokens in it.


Would you be willing to create a tutorial of sorts sharing how you’re doing your analysis? I know better tools are coming for all of us, but it might be useful to have more than one person doing this important work.


I think this person has now challenged one of my POIs. This is likely because I left a lot of FOAM in it (prob should have reduced to 50 to make it less appetizing.).

1 - the POI is in the correct location :). I know, because I go there semi-frequently!
2 - the graduate has no website. So i’m not sure how the challenger would offer to update this. I don’t believe Yelp sites count. Unless there’s a different consensus on that?

This makes me think this challenge is malicious. What are people currently doing to deal with this stuff?


Ugh, they also did it for warehouse cafe, another place I’ve been… Zip code is definitely correct. Phone Number is also correct, and poi is correctly placed http://www.warehousecafeportcosta.com/. This is trolling! grr.

Edit: one thing that I’m confused about is the “358,848 votes” in the Foam digest email. Does that mean that that much foam is currently being used to vote on this challenge? That seems crazy… Sorry, I’ve not been keeping up on the process really as this is the first time my points have been challenged.


I examined both of those challenges and found them to be completely unfounded. The challenger was outright lying in some cases about info being incorrect. I’d be surprised if the challenger won.

I have not seen anyone use a Yelp site as the website. Typically, only official websites managed by the owners of the actual location are used.

The votes are the total number of FOAM tokens staked in that particular vote- both for and against the challenge. Just based on my memory, these figures are high but not too far away from many recent challenges with 1000+ FOAM tokens at stake.


Yes, Warehouse Cafe is in my “blatant lies” list (Personal assessment of challenges, voting period ending on April 24th)

Yes. It’s community trying to push back the profiteer before they snowball into some unstoppable Katamari Damacy. Every 1K FOAM counts :slight_smile:


@ainsleysutherland, also, about crazy amounts of FOAM in voting - it may not be immediately obvious, but it’s possible to vote with the same tokens on several challenges at once. No need to split tokens between them.


Thank you very much @foamspacer and @nameloceroom for the info (and for your work on assessing existing challenges.). I will vote when I get home and fight for my POI :muscle:

If I am successful I’ll go to warehouse this weekend and celebrate… Promise! :wink:


The Knights guard to protect the FOAM Map is starting to form. :crossed_swords:


The Avengers of the FOAM Map :stuck_out_tongue:

Endgame hype!


Sadly, I lost :frowning:
But I did go to Warehouse anyway :smiley:

I guess I’ll re-stake someday once I get over the emotional blow of losing a valid POI :sob: