"I will restake the POI. Promise!"


There is a new trend to try and gain support for the challenge by promising to re-add the POI in case of successful challenge. A few of such challenges have played out, so we can check the results. So far, none of them were followed by re-adding the POI:

So I wouldn’t count on these promises when casting your vote. It’s more realistic to assume the POI will not be re-added.

Challenges in Girona, Spain

It is from this deceitful address, the top challenger I previously pointed out. They have split their tokens across a few addresses now. Obviously trying to trick users to gather support, when in fact they are gunning for the tokens with no intention to contribute to the map and only driven profit and “prove a point”.

I know this user is here, so why don’t you chime in?


Are sure it isn’t you @GeoPeter? That would be the magician’s greatest deception! :see_no_evil: :clap::clap::clap:


Its not, but even so, come vote against me! I am trying to point out a bad actor with the information available on chain.


Yes, I understand… your efforts great at that.


Weird that they should pick Meatworks … there’re only 50 tokens in it.