Idea: A small centralisation kick-off for adoption


Hi FOAM Team and community,

Congrats on the successful unlocking of the tokens and listing on Polo!

The way I see it, the current map with very scarce POIs(compared to map apps that we normally use, that is) would serve very little purpose for the user.

My idea is, rather than starting from scratch as we did, is there a way where we can migrate all the legacy POI data from Google(or any other centralized map data) to FOAM Maps? Then, the role that cartographers play to make a decent map would be to fix and add on to a viable map rather than a vast blank space with a looooot to do.

  1. The obvious benefit would be that FOAM map will be much more closer to actual user adoption, although the lacking of map features still make it a less attractive option for users.

  2. One side benefit that we can enjoy from this would be that, by rewarding users who fix the migrated centralized data points, we can have additional incentives for cartographers to improve the decentralized FOAM map. Here, the reward should be given by the FOAM team/foundation.

Any comments & ideas would be welcome. :slight_smile:


Very interesting suggestion. This is what growth hacking is about. This is a great idea in terms of growth hack to experiment.


I think migration of preexisting data would be problematic. Other data sets would not have a copy right on facts, yet they specifically may have ToU forbidding data harvesting. I would suggest we focus on presenting a curated view.

We should build the mechanisms to allow the best pizza shop in the neighborhood to receive recognition.

Customers should be incentivised to leave feedback, perhaps with a fractional FOAM distribution to the leaderboard in an area.

This would also allow PROMOTED placement. So new places could be promoted next to old favorites.

Once the system is in place rewarding contributers, I think organic content will expand exponentially.

Foursquare had a recognition system where if you checked into a place you could become the king. What if with FOAM to could become the honorary mayor of your town?


Great point. But I think our difference in opinion arises from our different understanding of the FOAM map use case.

You think FOAM is more for curation while I think FOAM serves the purpose of having an accurate map.

While I do believe that FOAM could become a good app for geographic data curation, below are some concerns that make me believe FOAM serves a better purpose of a map.
1. Economic incentive/disincentive for a subjective fact(i.e. this pizza place is good) cannot work
2. As you pointed out, the current UI of FOAM has 0 features of a curation service - such as comments, ratings, ranking etc.

Would be happy to hear more of your thoughts on this.


We agree on the end result, I only proposed building a system to incentivise contribution. The closest I can think to your request is openstreet map.

While this is permissive, the derived work must be licensed under the same license. Is this something the FOAM community wants?

This seems like a question for governance…