If the foam runs on IOTA it's great. Here is an app that is using GPS.


A driver needs only to install carVertical OBD device in the car and download carVertical.CITY app. All the hard work is done by the carVertical team, contributing with IOTA distributed ledger and GPSWOX, provider of global GPS tracking solutions. :smile:


But FOAM is built as a backup solution to GPS right?
Still… I like IOTA and it really is where Ethereum isn’t right now (scalability of transactions)
interesting question: what FOAM team think about IOTA? And why the chose Ethereum?


I wouldn’t call FOAM a back up solution, more like an alternative.

Have you read the blog post on “Proof of Location” ?

Ryan explained on the workings of the GPS and why a system like FOAM’s Proof of Location protocol is needed.

You can also watch a short video explaining how it all works here


Also, We need Turing Complete platform with smart contract support. Stellar and IOTA are not options because of this.

To answer your question on Ethereum, Ryan just commented on another thread with on the same topic :


IOTA qubic could be a possibility (when it’s ready)… and what about EOS?
Or could it even be possible to run multiple competing FOAMs on different Blockchains to see which one does better?


Layer 2 blockchain is the answer to scaling of transactions: https://raiden.network

This provides an incentive to use and leverage existing mining infrastructure for settlement and allows inovation of FOAM and new economies.


Yes, That’s right. IOTA Qubic will resolve it.