Important Announcement Regarding Signaling Audits and Proof of Use


Do you have an update for this announcement on the new end date to the initial use period?


No new date confirmed yet, audit results should be received in 3-4 days. The work on signaling contracts and front end are done and running on our test Map. You can see the preview in the blog post.

When we receive a final audit we will launch the functionality. We can’t rule out the fact that the audit will come back with suggestions for changes so that’s why picking the exact date is not simple without the risk of it changing again.


It’s now been more than 10 days and you didn’t give a new date to the community as you said you would do so in this message. More interaction with your community please!


Hello everyone,

As an update we are patiently waiting for the audit from ZKLabs. The work began on November 12th and should be delivered very soon. Additionally, we started work with a secondary auditor, Solidified.

Please see below a new video preview of Signaling running on our Ethereum test network, where a Signal is added and removed. The final build will include the radius visualization as seen below. Thank you again for your patience. Signaling is prepared to launch as soon as we receive and publish the audit.


swoon the signal. it’s so beautiful. :blossom::sunny::full_moon_with_face::honey_pot::yellow_heart:


Dear FOAM community,

After much anticipation we finally received a completed audit of the Signaling contracts. The published audit can be found here:

There were no major security issues found, only minor suggestions that we have implemented this week. Signaling will now launch on Monday December 3rd and the initial use period will end Monday December 10th.

Clarification : PoU does not need to be completed by the December 10th. You can complete it at any time and only once you have completed it, can you move the FOAM Tokens.

Thank you again for all your patience as the FOAM Map launch is finalized in a secure way.

See below the latest preview of signaling that includes visualizations of the radius. The visual layer and future heat map for signaling will be continuously improved and we hope that users develop their own layers as well!

FOAM Initial Use Period ends on 2PM EST, Today (Dec 10th)

I see that radius is not connected to the amount of FOAM tokens used. What benefits are there to having a smaller radius? Why not just have a huge radius for all signals?


Good question. The signal weight is defined by three components: radius, token stake and age.

The radius defines the area of coverage you want your Signal to affect, but the token stake effects attenuation. This means you can signal in a small area with a lot of tokens to have a very densely weighted signal, or choose a larger radius with the same amount of tokens to spread out the impact of the staked tokens.

This is visualized in the current stage of the UI by opacity of the radius. The more staked the more filled in and intense the circle appears. It is like adding color dye to water. The container of the water determines the radius and the amount of die influences the strength of the “signal”. If the container (radius) was made larger without adding more dye the “signal” would be weaker but cover more area.


Great explanation. I like how you’ve created a ratio there, between these two aspects.


Will there be a step by step video on how and why to Signal, other than your quick demo? Tx


Yes, there will be a step by step blog post as well as an update to the FOAM Map user guide.


Signaling was to launch the 3rd. It’s now the 4th everywhere except Hawaii. They have 2 minutes left to midnight. It’s becoming frustrating to be told various dates only for them to move again. Will the open sale be moved by a day as well?

When does signaling go live? Why the delay (again)? Why is there no message? What’s going on?


The signaling deployment is taking longer than expected but will be done by end of day.

So far:

  1. Deployed a new signal smart contract :white_check_mark:
  2. Deployed a new token controller - POU also refers to signaling now :white_check_mark:
  3. Migrated the token controller :white_check_mark:
  4. Change FOAM Token to point to new token controller :white_check_mark:
  5. Release new front-end on FOAM Map with Signaling :white_check_mark:

Signaling is LIVE!


incremental, secure deployments beat flashy, high profile releases any day. take your time, FOAM.


Signaling is now live! You can use the functionality at

Check also the new layer controls at the bottom!


Awesome work FOAM team!


Exciting news from the team


So when exactly on December 10, 2018 and what time zone does Proof of Use end and tokens become unlocked and available for moving, etc.?


Is it recommend to use Signaling to fulfill the PoU requirement on the % of tokens that need to be staked?

From what I understand there are no downsides to signaling. When it comes to POI there are risks from losing a challenge.


Yes, for the purpose of fulfilling PoU other than the 10 points needed for the percentage requirement is recommended to Signal as there is no downside in terms of tokens being at risk. If you have not seen our guide:

You can read more about Signaling and what is for here: