Important Announcement Regarding Signaling Audits and Proof of Use


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So when exactly on December 10, 2018 and what time zone does Proof of Use end and tokens become unlocked and available for moving, etc.?


Is it recommend to use Signaling to fulfill the PoU requirement on the % of tokens that need to be staked?

From what I understand there are no downsides to signaling. When it comes to POI there are risks from losing a challenge.


Yes, for the purpose of fulfilling PoU other than the 10 points needed for the percentage requirement is recommended to Signal as there is no downside in terms of tokens being at risk. If you have not seen our guide:

You can read more about Signaling and what is for here:


If you need more help

First you list 10 POIs.

And then you can check out this blog post for a visual guide on listing a Signal :slight_smile: