Inaccurate Postal Codes, should they be challenged?


@Dovtov mentioned that there were some groups locations with missing postal codes letters in Amsterdam, should they be challenged, would love to hear the community thoughts on this!


I don’t think it should be challenged because the postal code does not have to be filled out.


@Daryl_Foam I have decided to challenge the Dom in Utrecht, just to see what happens,

My understanding is that as community we much correct these mistakes and therefore be compensated for improved spatial information???

Thank you


I believe that information on the Map should be accurate as possible and Cartographers are free to challenge if it’s not.

But, I’m looking into the report that the data is entered by FOAM which is reportedly not entirely accurate will need to cross check with the developers on this report.


No, I do not think it should result in a full challenge (yet):

  1. Taking these otherwise valid POIs from the map because of 2 missing characters in zipcode does not reward early cartographers for their positive contribution
  2. Besides the inaccurate zipcode, all these POIs (100+) all do have correct location, name, description, phone number, website (english version, if available)
  3. This zipcode is actually prefilled by the FOAP map itself, however at least in NL it appears to add only the numeric part and not the 2 characters…

When I do think that such a POI should be challenged:

  • when FOAM supports users to update their POIs; so that they can be proactively corrected / enhanced instead of the need to take them from the map and redo the POI
  • when FOAM supports something like ‘soft challenges’ or ‘nudges’ on specific fields; to again avoid that otherwise valid POI are taken from the map

Assuming that the above features will be made available by FOAM in the future, perhaps such a ‘nudged’ field that was voted for could be highlighted. Adding a red border to the field for example, to indicate that this particular part of the POI received a challenge that was agreed by the community. This could solve this zipcode topic, but also for example the tagging of POIs which otherwise risk challenges when new tags are introduced after the POI got created.


Brilliant response. I concur.


Moreover, I propose an additional field to post/zip codes.

We have LatLong but no one uses that for personal reference. That’s just map coordinates.

We have Postal Addresses.

But why not ad another option:


If post/zip code is wrong or missing you have another, more accurate than postcode, way to confirm location. And isn’t accuracy our pursuit?