Incorrect street numbers in Barcelona (SlowMov challenge)


Hey! I added a point on the map with SlowMov coffee roasters.

Now I’m being challenged by someone stating that my point is not placed correctly:

Indeed if you click on the point it states incorrect address: Cl Luis Antunez 20, though when adding I was carefully checking the address details on the website and Google maps and verifying the point is placed accurately.

The correct address is Cl Luis Antunez 18, if you try to search for such an address in the search input you gonna be placed exactly where my point is. It also seems to be quite accurately placed comparing to Google Maps.

So I guess the issue is related to mapbox having incorrect street mapping.
My question is who should be paying for such inaccuracy of map provider and who will restore this nice place on map later?

Thank you! Hope we’ll find out a solution!


My personal opinion is the cartographer adding the POI is ultimately responsible for all data they submit.

That is not guaranteed in any way, but having this implemented could help: Feature suggestion: challenge with proposed changes

You may also try and swing the vote in your favour by pledging to update the POI if it is defended.

However this develops, I hope the experience will not affect your motivation to contribute!


That’s what I’m saying! I did submitted correct address, but now the address of the POI I’ve added is displayed incorrectly on the map.
How can I pledge to update POI? I’m not related to this business and was adding POIs with specialty coffee for common benefits. I am interested that data on the map is correct and up to date, but I don’t have any options right now…
It’s less than 2 days left till the challenge finishes, I hope team members will be able to respond to this issue and help me not to lose my tokens. Otherwise I’m worried it’s currently dangerous to keep tokens staked in POIs


Are you going to correct the address if you win the challenge or not? :slight_smile:


I’d love to! But I’m not sure how to solve it properly.
If you search it using search field it will coincide with my present point.
I’ve just tried clicking around and there’s no building with such a number…
There are buildings with numbers 14 and 20, and unnumbered buildings on this street.

How do you see I should replace it?


Ok, seems like I can put a point on the same place, but manually fix the address after it is incorrectly suggested.
Would love to resubmit the point if I am not slashed :slight_smile:
Will you vote for me?


I’ve asked this question to the developers on the Mapbox placement.

In the mean time @coffeemug if you’re point wasn’t challenged for the full amount in the POI you can actually withdraw the extra FOAM Tokens and use them as Votes.

How soon was this challenged? Did you manage to verify the POI (POI turns from Blue to Green) before the challenge ?


ya i had the same thing happen to me when placing a POI for a university. searched for it using the correct address, but when creating a POI it auto filled for a slightly incorrect address. it was a good intro into challenging and voting i guess.


Well, why would I vote against someone who is correctly stating that my POI has a wrong address?
I’m just wondering how did that happen and how to properly act now…
It finishes in 5 hours.
I’m disappointed that the POI will be removed and never placed back, though the issue is not on my side :frowning: I’m not trying to cheat and was interested in adding valuable POIs to the map


Eh :frowning:
Seems like that’s the issue. Then UI should be fixed accordingly, so people would not be losing their tokens


I voted to keep the point. Voting is still open for 2 days


If I understand correctly you search for the correct address, but it autofills the card with the wrong address? If so, that is a newly discovered issue that we have not come across before. It is a Mapbox issue and seems that their street address and geocoding systems are not perfectly aligned.

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the Cartographer to verify all information before hitting submit – in this case by doing so the FOAM Map data would be more accurate than what is coming from the Mapbox base map. I will bring this to developer team to see how it can be addressed. One way may be to make more explicit in the card to review the address field.

Given the documentation around how this occurred, I think it is a good opportunity for token holders to weigh in and vote on the point. If it survives the challenge you could manually remove and re-add – in any case thanks for bringing this up for discussion and attention to the issue!


Yep, that seems to be the issue. Thanks for your response.
For sure it’s the responsibility of the cartographer to verify the data that he’s submitting.
Maybe before signing the operation, user should be able to see what’s exactly is being stored on IPFS. I’m not sure how UI was working then and if initially introduced address was replaced in the input.

Hoping the community will give me a chance to take off and re-place this nice coffee place and I won’t lose my stake.


yes the example of this that happened to me was i put the correct address in the search bar, created the POI from there but for some reason it changed the address number from 1301 (the correct address) to 1300. i didnt notice this until the POI was created. i went ahead and created another POI with the correct address and after that i challenged the one i created with the 1300 address and voted to have it removed. is this the best way of handling that?


If you are the owner of the point you can manually remove the point without it being challenged, but it order to remove your own point it first had to be past the pending period.

If you go to any point you own (Green) and click to expand the call you can see you can boost it with more tokens, withdraw tokens or remove the point (exit) all-together


ya i thought about doing it that way. but i also wanted to try out challenging and voting. if the POI had a large stake you would be better off challenging it yourself and voting so that someone else couldnt get a large portion of that stake, correct?



The reward percentage for the winner of the challenge is set to 60% with 40% distributed to the winning voters.


The challenge was lost, point is off the map.
Thanks for everyone who tried to support me!
Hope the cartographer that got my tokens will add it back with the correct address!


This is a good idea.


V sorry to hear you didn’t get a chance to correct it and lost your tokens. :cry: It was an articulate case you put forward. Thank you for sharing your story. It was informative and helped me understand the process a bit better. I wish I had seen your post earlier. I would have come to your aid along with the other community members who voted in your favor to keep it. It sounds like you were trying to do the right thing. I do wish we had a better way of being sure to hear from community members who need our support in their challenge due to error, misunderstanding or some innocent circumstance. This discourse is the best option at the moment. But I know there has got to be a better way. Hmmm. I’ll think on that.

:thinking: thinking aloud

Maybe there are some community members like “Knights of the FOAM table” or something that agree to receive a group email from community members in need of voting support. The FOAM Knights can decide whether to help them or not but at least they will be informed in a timely fashion directly in their email box.