Incorrect street numbers in Barcelona (SlowMov challenge)


While that is a great idea, there is always the risk that an organized group of Cartographers, no matter how noble their intention, run the risk of accumulating too much sway over the map and acting as a cartel. Would need to be executed carefully.


Fantasy stories aside, historical knights were heavily armed thugs, “extracting” resources from the general population through right of might :slight_smile:

I don’t think this matter needs to be delegated to some police organization - every token holder who cares can watch both and discourse forum and react by voting, discussing, etc.


:laughing: lol thugs. I can see that.

Yeah, you’re right. Was much more the altruistic, fantasy story Knight I was going for.

Thanks for the link to daily digest. That’s the first step in the process done. Also discourse is the second step. I guess what would be helpful is if the “challenges” in the daily digest were linked to the discussion of the case - reasons why one might want to vote one way or the other. The daily digest and the discussion are two chapters in the same story but presently located in different parts of the library. Would be great if they were linked.

People engage with the map for different reasons. Some people are compelled by data, some people are compelled story. Maybe putting the story together with the data will be helpful for all kinds of people.


Great points brought up @kilo

Not all challenges have Discussion threads started cause they are more direct reasons but by all means if you challenge a point feel free to start a thread!

We hope to make the process more Intuitive with adding email notifications. We’re testing it out on testnet right now. Here’s a couple of screenshots that we showed in the analyzing the map community call.

Link here

image image image