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Introducing FOAMViz

Hi all!

We are very happy to be building out FOAMViz in collaboration with the FOAM grants program. Our team comprises of people having background in theory-based visual design and analytical methods. We like to discover and validate insights from data, then translate them into systems, methods, and frameworks that help in mindfully created human-information interactions.

The advent of high technology information, imaging, networking, mobile devices and social media systems has fostered a modern renaissance in visualization. Just as the great artists of the European Renaissance were also designers, inventors, scientists & architects, we think the modern visualizers have an important role to play in decoding the increasingly complex world and make it fundamentally better for all humans.

In that line of thought, FOAM’s Spatial Index & Visualizer has become a fascinating playground for people collaboratively coming to consensus around location data in a decentralized fashion.

This proposal focuses on kickstarting the visualization efforts over FOAM TCR’s data by providing the following interactive visualization tools that would potentially help the community distill insights in a more visual way than currently possible:

1. Visualizing Cartographer Journey:

This tool will help visualizing a cartographer’s journey on FOAM map.

User story:

  • A user enters the cartographer address on the webapp.
  • The webapp then presents the journey of the cartographer.

Insights for end-users at a glance:

  • How a cartographer journey evolves across time.
  • Migration patterns of cartographers who add points to identify their “territory”.

2. Visualizing Density of Points + Staked POI’s

This tool will help users to get into nitty-gritty details of what’s happening in a particular area.

Insights for end-users at a glance:

  • What are the low-density and high-density areas with lots of FOAM points?
  • What is the distribution of staked POI’s across these points? Do low-density area of points have higher staked value of FOAM tokens? vice versa.

3. Visualizing the evolution of FOAM TCR’s data over time

This visualization will provide an overview of the amount staked in POI’s all over the globe from the inception of FOAM to now.

The bars height are scaled to represent the amount staked in them.

Insights for end-users at a glance:

  • Which geography has the most activity.
  • Staking patterns across geography.
  • Evolution of FOAM’s TCR from a bird’s eye view.

Stay tuned for more frequent updates!

Thank you all,


Seems a quite useful UX interface to spot cartographers activity thank to density of staking. Timing variation can help to find what type of actions seemed to have correlation with adoption.


:wave: FOAM Community!

Update from the FOAMViz Team on our progress so far:

As you would have read above that there are 3 visualizations we would be developing. We had started off with Visualizing Density of Points + Staked POI’s which would help users to get into nitty-gritty details of what’s happening in a particular area.

What we have been able to accomplish:

  • Render density of FOAM points in a particular area
  • Render distribution of staked POI’s in a particular area.
  • Control panel to toggle between the above states + tweak radius/coverage in the viz.

What can the community expect in the next update:

  • Finishing Visualizing Density of Points + Staked POI’s:
    • UX improvements to the control panel and map to make it more classy.
    • Bug fixes + performance improvements in terms of fetching data while zooming/panning.
    • Sharing it with the community for feedback and improvements.
  • Start “Visualizing Cartographer Journey” viz.

Back to :passenger_ship:ing!


:wave: FOAM Community!

Recorded a short video (~10 mins) that demonstrates our progress so far:

TL;DR We have able to ship about beta release for:

  1. Visualizing Cartographer Journey
  2. Visualizing Density of Points + Staked POI’s.

Both visualizations are live here:

Inviting the community to use/test this beta release and give us feedback around anything. Have made an issue on FOAMViz Project’s Github repository, so that we can aggregate all of your feedback:
Contains notes and internal feedback from our team as well.

Until next time, have the best day you can possibly have today :smiley: