Is the parkingdao deployed?


Hi FOAM community! (My first post :slight_smile: )

I wondered, is the parkingdao (source code: deployed at an Ethereum address? I’ve been learning about CSC’s from it’s source code but it would be great to see it running live.

Apologies if I’ve missed it.



Hey @Ross ! Welcome to our Discourse :wink:

Unfortunately, The parking doa is not deployed, it is not meant for main net use either. There’s no plans to create a UI for it but if any developers is interested in picking it up and making a test version on say rinkeby, we would be happy to help them understand things along the way!

Our gitter is open for chats with the developers as well


Hey @Daryl_Foam. Ok, I understand, and thank you for the gitter link - I’ll drop by at some point. I’m working on some exciting stuff, involving hopefully FOAM soon!