Issue: Receiving error "Failed to create POI, please try again (AJAXError)."


Hey Foamies,

When attempting to add a new POI the error, “Failed to create POI, please try again (AJAXError)” is appearing. I was able to reproduce on multiple attempts (using two different versions of Brave browser, v0.55.18 and v0.25.2).

Another FOAM user also noticed this today (Telegram user @martin1024) . He snagged a good screenshot of the issue:



Hey @Layton thanks for reporting it in!

The AJAXError is a known issue the devs are working on fixing, I’ve sent in the screenshot you’ve posted to the developers. Will keep everyone up to date on any developments regarding this bug as soon as I can.


Great thanks @Daryl_Foam!


I’m having the issue as well.
Any ETA?


@jrmcrypto could you send an email to with the details of the incident(s) ?