Keeping up with FOAM Updates and Security Reminders


Keeping up with FOAM Updates

Hey everyone! In light of the recent additions of FOAM to platforms like Delta Direct, Blockfolio Signals and CoinGecko BEAM, I am making this thread to be a updated list of where to keep up with the latest updates and news on FOAM.

These are the only official channels and where all updates and communications will be done that are managed directly by the FOAMSpace Team.

FOAMSpace Owned Channels

Twitter :

The latest news and updates on FOAM will be posted here, also featured on Twitter are Point of Interest Highlights and mentions from the community.

Discourse :

The main community platform where all discussions and announcements happen.

Blog :

Long form Articles, detailing releases, updates and the workings of FOAM Protocol

Reddit :

Cross-posted articles, mentions and updates on FOAM from across the internet

Telegram :

Announcement Channel for FOAM News and Updates on Telegram

Email Newsletter :

Email Newsletter on the latest news and updates on the FOAM Protocol.

External Platforms

Proof of Work Newsletter

A collection of Weekly Updates from the best cryptocurrency projects, direct from the founding teams by Eric Meltzer

How it looks like:


FOAM is now on Blockfolio Signal!

The world's most popular Bitcoin & cryptocurrency portfolio tracker. All FOAM Signals will be shared directly to any users that are tracking or watching FOAM.

How it looks like:


We are also on CoinGecko BEAM, CoinGecko is the 2nd largest cryptocurrency data aggregator and the 11th largest cryptocurrency website in the world.

How it looks like:


Last but not least we are on Delta Direct! All the latest FOAM updates will now be directly available on Delta! Make sure to enable notifications for our Direct updates so you never miss out.

How it looks like:

FOAM Map Updates

FOAM Daily Digest by Blocklytics

Daily email with Map updates such as New POIs, Challenges and Votes

FOAM Map Email Notifications

Direct opt-in email notifications on your Point of Interests, Challenges and Votes.


Special Note on Security

:exclamation:There is an impersonator pretending to be from the FOAM Team on Telegram :exclamation:

Our Admins will never ask for funds or DM you first, always verify the admin tags on Telegram.

Admins usernames on Telegram are:

Admin usernames on Discourse are:

Do verify the admin tag on Telegram and the Flair on Discourse.

Only Admins can post on Telegram and create threads on Discourse Announcements

IF you have been reached out to by an impostor asking for funds or personal information, reach out and verify the request with any of the Admins here with a FOAMSpace Team Flair.

Official Updates and Announcements will always be made via Discourse, Twitter, Telegram