Leaderboard Beta - New feature for Cartographers (Update)


Edit, March 20

Thank you for for all the feedback in this thread! We just released a new version.

New URL :link: https://map.foam.space/leaderboard

Blog post :point_down:

Preview of 3Box profiles :point_down:

(Create yours at https://3box.io)

Today we are releasing a beta version of the FOAM Map Leaderboard.

Please leave any feedback, feature requests and bugs in this thread :pray:

Discourse member @cryptozen made a well-researched case for gamification features, ranking a leaderboard first among “external non-economic incentives available to the Foam community.”

Ryan recently posted this about the leaderboard:

The upcoming leaderboard will be the first means of addressing reputation so you can track how an address acts over time and their stake in the protocol.

In the last community call, it was mentioned that the leaderboard would also be discussed in the next community call (Thursday, March 7, 2019).

FOAM Map Upgrades Community Call (Mar 7- 12PM EST)
FOAM Map Upgrades Community Call (Mar 7- 12PM EST)

This is super cool. Will be fascinating to see how it develops. Great work.


Great work as always @foam_cs also, appreciate the link to the earlier post by @cryptozen.


Great execution @foam_cs Look forward to seeing how this plays out


Great work Caleb, exciting to see.

We would love to hear community feedback on an identity system for the leaderboard. Are there identity systems you are already using like ENS or ERC-725? Would you like to see standard account creation like in OpenSea and CryptoKitties? Let us know!



What goes into “Map Rewards”? I quickly checked one account and it looks like “Map Rewards” is way above the actual token balance.


Map rewards are the net tokens a cartographer has won/lost in challenges and by voting.

Rewards are counted when a challenge resolves rather than when tokens move into or out of an account. The most likely scenario causing what you see is if the tokens have not been withdrawn from the voting contract (and do not show up on the Etherscan account balance).


wow over 120 to get in the top 3. i have a ways to go lol. love the leader board concept tho. its motivating.


Very good job. It is really encouraging to see your address on the leaderboad… Now i will have to keep track to maintain my all time challenger 1st pisition… :sweat_smile:

Edit: I will never have that position without the Daily Digest mail… Was acting based on it, just doing a quick review every night. Guess I should pay some Foam tokens from the rewards to @foam_cs :sweat_smile:


There you have it , a pro tip from the pro :wink: Sign up for the FOAM Daily Digest here !


This is a great resource for the FOAM community. Thanks!


:+1: :smiley:
Looks like it cost you a few tokens though. Or was it due to your own POIs being challenged?


Has anyone tried making a 3Box identity account on Ethereum?

Any thoughts on this product?


I’m actually first on map rewards only not on number of challenges. 100% of my challenges were succesful, I made more than 19k foam from the map :blush:


did you also vote on the PoIs you challenged? and if so how many voting credits did you generally use? im trying to get an idea of how much foam in voting credits is a good amount to have on hand.


Really excited about this and the email notifications! Like to see new dynamics being added to the Mapping experience.


I have 11 challenges and 22 votes so yes, I voted on a few challenges as well. The amount of tokens is relative and there is not a “good number” because it will always be conditioned by the number of tokens other people use for voting.

As the reward is based on the % of your tokens out of the total on your side of the vote, you can never know what is the good number.

My suggestion if you want to maximize rewards is to use your tokens a few times but in the highest amount that allows you to keep doing things.

If you have 100K tokens I will not vote for more than 2-3 challenges to maximize the rewards. Take into account that it will cost you the same to vote for 1 Foam than vote for 100K foam and, if you don’t want to loose money, you need to cover for at least the gas cost with your reward :slight_smile:

Hope it helps!


Hey Ryan, I’ve worked with the original uPort, not 3Box yet but plan to soon. Seems that something like this might be a nice addition to the FOAM map… identity, reputation, easier user on-boarding.


Silly question - where can I find my cartographer address?


It is the same as your MetaMask Ethereum address that you have your tokens in.