Leaderboard Beta - New feature for Cartographers


Judging by https://etherscan.io/tokentxns?a=0x5558647b57c6be0cd4a08fe2725965f1d9237ae7 - around 130K would be a good amount at the moment.


Take into account that the rewards on that account comes mainly from challenges not voting. I actually lost money on some voting because the reward didnt cover the gas but, still feels good to see a bad poi being removed :blush:


The logic for calculating map rewards has been changed as a result of a bug report by @N_O_O_B :tada:

Previously, rewards for challengers were incorrectly allocated to the account that completed the challenge (by pressing “Update status”).

Now, rewards for challengers are correctly allocated to the account that initiated the challenge. The leaderboard has been updated with this change.


This is super cool :+1:

Is there a way to see all activity by a particular address? When I see the board, my next logical step is to analyse the strategies of the top players, so would be amazing to click through and see some summary of their activity.


Great suggestion! @jaybowles

One way you can do in the current iteration right now would be looking the address via Etherscan but this would definitely add to the gamification layer of the FOAM Map.


Thanks Daryl.

I can see the transactions on Etherscan but not sure how to tie them back to a particular POI or Signal?

As a dev is there any way to contribute to a feature like this? Bounties etc. Not very familiar with how FOAM is grown yet!


It might actually be good if the person pressing “Update Status” get a bit of FOAM as reward, since he’s paying the gas fee …


There isn’t a formal grant program in place yet, but we are working on it.

We’ll be happy to chat about how you can contribute to this if you’re interested!

Feel free to ping @arthur on this.


Still on top after the update :grin:


My thoughts as well, so I put forward a small proposal here: Protocol update suggestion: additional incentives for challenge completion


How about a https://leaderboard.foam.space/ URL???



I am wondering … whether it is possible to visualize how close each of us is towards achieving POU.


Yes, the leaderboard will have a dedicated foam.space url once out of beta


How soon do the Map rewards update?

I just participated in a few votes and got rewards from 2 votes already but the map rewards only show the rewards from 1 vote.


Right now leaderboard updates once a day. We are launching user 3box profiles this week and real time leaderboard updates next


Thanks Ryan! Looking forward to seeing it live!