Linking external data at unverified locations with FOAM


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I’d like to integrate FOAM based locations as the geo reference for external data. I have several datasets where geolocation is one dimension currently encoded in standard GPS lat/lng and I’d like to link that data with FOAM to make use of the protocol and enrich the data integrity. However, for most of the locations from the data, there is a very scarce coverage of FOAM-proven locations.

So I was thinking about a script that would just go through my dataset and create a signal for every single datapoint, so that in the future someone might eventually prove the location for that particular datapoint. I realize that kind of solution comes with staking a lot of FOAM tokens for creating each individual signal so I was wondering if there was an optimized solution for attaching data to unverified locations in a batch transaction or a series. Or would it be better to create a bounding box covering all the points from my data and create one signal in the center with sufficiently big radius ?

I’m referencing to this swagger API doc, maybe there’s another preferred way to linking data to unverified places ?



Signals are intended to specify areas that Zone Anchors are deployed to. They could function as FOAM recognizable location data. Although what you describe it seems you want a POI?

There is no incentive for creating an POI inside or near a Signal. If you intend merely that the Signal is a placeholder in the FOAM ecosystem, then maybe that works for you. Keep in mind two things, you may be able to optimize the creation of Signals through a transaction that minimizes your GAS spend in ETH. Also if the price of FOAM appreciates in the future, you may be stuck with a decision to destroy the Signals and have the more valuable FOAM, or leave them and realize you build a network out of FOAM Signals that now has a non - trivial value.

Signals, ultimately will be valued based on location, age of the Signal and the amount that is staked. Being there first is certainly an advantage, radius is another consideration for the Signal, and then finally the stake. If you deploy a bunch of low radius, low stake Signals, and then the price of FOAM goes up. There could be an interest in your Signals as a support to the Zone Anchor deployment. If you staked the minimum FOAM and had a very narrow radius, you may not be competitive with newer Signals in the region.

Ultimately what you actually need, is someone or someones to create the POI’s and get them through the POI challenge.


Thanks for your reply! I mixed up signals with POIs I guess.

Is there any minimal distance in FOAM between two POIs A and B that I need to respect when creating POIs ?

I should have stated more clearly that I have a mobile tracker which creates Lat/Lng data every second or so and there’s a high likelyhood that many POIs will just point to locations along the way which aren’t interesting for anyone else than me - at least for now I guess. Imagine someone going from a park to his favorite coffeeshop and then to a hairdresser. The majority of people will only be interested in the park, the coffeeshop and the hairdresser. But for my application I’m interested in the verified georeference of all of the points also the ones in between, which might be sometimes 80% of the data. Is that a problem for the design of FOAM or am I good to go ?

If I understand you right, I could post a batch of POIs for all the locations I want and have someone challenge that later for verification ?


I have only minimal knowledge of the current state of POIs. I suggest you apply for a FOAM grant to cover the development of this project. Such a grant should be able to cover your research and development cost.

There is a challenge component for POIs and having a grant would allow you to pass through such a challenge easier. Making a POI manually so you understand the process would probably allow you to under stand the process better. I suggest you try with a datapoint unrelated to your project.


Thanks for your suggestions, will try that. :yum:

The FOAM vision seems pretty awesome to me :rocket: